Mark Knight became interested in hypnosis and in particular stage hypnotism whilst watching Paul McKenna’s critically acclaimed television shows in the early nineties.  Initially, a sceptic who believed most of the ‘volunteers’ must have been actors following cleverly devised scripts, Mark’s views changed completely when he himself was hypnotised by Paul McKenna and turned into ‘Elvis’ at a one-day demonstration of hypnosis and NLP in London in 1995.

Following this epiphany, Mark set about trying to learn as much as possible about this fascinating subject. His thirst for knowledge eventually led him to study hypnosis with McKenna and additionally NLP (Neuro-Linguinstic-Programming) with its founder, Dr Richard Bandler. Mark qualified as a certified NLP Practitioner in March 1997 and continues to use this skill-set to help people with phobias, anxiety and other stress related problems. However, from the very beginning of his training with Paul McKenna, Mark was particularly drawn to using these new found skills in performing stage hypnotism.

And so for over twenty years he has enjoyed entertaining the public through his Comedy Stage Hypnosis & Mind Control Show’s, witnessing and enjoying the creativity his volunteers demonstrate on stage and the fun, laughter and pleasure they provide the rest of the audience.

Mark Knight takes the responsibility of performing hypnosis with members of the general public very seriously. He is fully insured as a Stage Hypnotist, a legal requirement in the United Kingdom. In addition, he is also a full member of ‘Equity’, the Union of Entertainment Professionals.


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